Impressivness of Vista Utils

by on May.25, 2007, under Vista

The time came to reinstall Vista this afternoon, and not for the usual reasons. It was reinstalled to update the license to a legal version of Vista Business :)

Have to admit I was quite impressed with it, I decided to play around with the backup / Easy Transfer utilities that Vista now offers. Here is what happened:
The Easy Transfer utility worked like a charm. Installed Vista, inserted the disk created during the Easy Transfer setup on the old install where I told it to copy all my email settings etc and when I ran it in the new install it just copied them over.
Started up the mail client and hey presto all my accounts are there (had to enter all the passwords again), all my emails and all the rules which I had previously spent hours setting up. Nice job Microsoft 😉

Thought I would also have a look at the backup feature but that doesn’t seem to like backups created under other installations for some reason. Keeps claiming that I need to create a backup before I can restore a backup … “I have created one” … oh well never mind might create one and see if I can then use the older backup.

Just found out that the Easy Transfer utility even copied over putty and a couple of other utils (with their configs).
Will do a guide on how I did this at some point (after revision for final year exams are over lol).

Decided to stick with Winamp for my music player and went to look for a new skin for it. I actually found an awesome skin which fits in perfectly with my desktop setup. It evens has a feature which folds it away in to the right hand side of the desktop. This mixed with the transparency -> opaque on hover settings (found under alpha blending skin options) means I can still do everything I want, without having to have Winamp on top of all my windows.

The skin can be found in the main winamp skins collection and below are a couple of screenshots showing the skin visible on the desktop, 10% transparency and folded up 😉
Visible Winamp Skin

Winamp Skin with 10% transparency

Minimised view of the winamp skin

Click the thumbnails for a larger view :)

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Remove Huge Shortcut Arrows from Vista

by on Mar.17, 2007, under Vista

There is now a solution to remove the huge Shortcut arrows which are now in Vista.

Basically you need to replace the Shortcut.ico with a new one and apply a registry tweak to use the new file. It does require you to have admin privilages but I have used it and I know a couple of other people who have used it and it works great.

Cheers Origin for this find :L

Hope this helps some of you out there who are trying to remove it as an alternatve to viewing the huge icon. The link is as follows:
Small Shortcut Icon

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Vista – Telnet

by on Jan.21, 2007, under Vista

Have just found out that the latest version of the Windows Operating System does not ship with telent as availalbe as standard. For all those who can’t live without it then you can find find it by following the directions below:

  • Goto Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features
  • Click on “Turn Windows features on or off” and enter administrator mode
  • Tick the checkbox for Telnet Client and/or Telnet Server
  • Click OK

Telnet should now be availble, enjoy!

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