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Into your golf?

Not finding enough time to get out on the course?

Then check out  shot Its a free online golf simulator where you can level up and play your favourite game with other like minded people from all over the world.

Theres loads of resources on the net from guides and tutorials to different guilds that you can join and compete against other guilds for a Guild House.

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LaserWar & America’s Army

by on May.29, 2007, under Gaming

LaserWar is a cross between LaserQuest and PaintBall, it takes place outside (like paintball) and uses weapons which utilise laser (not actual lasers) technology. Last weekend I went with a few mates from LSUCS.
It turned out to be an awesome morning, we initially booked it for the day, however the place we went to,, were due to get some new weapons in the day before. This meant they had been able to take more bookings for the same day.
The plan was to have two teams, us and someone else, and we would play against each other. The problem was the weapons never arrived therfore there were not enough weapons to go around. So we ended up playing in the morning and the other group played after us (about 2ish). We did however get refunded for the trouble.

Anyway once we got kited up, we set off into the field and fought amongst ourselves for about 4 hours. Totally awesome experience and fully recommend it above paintball. So much more tactical than paintball but does require a little bit more walking to get between battlegrounds. Fully recommended!!!

Anyway following this trip to LaserWar, I decided to have a look and see how far America’s Army (the game) had progressed. WOW its come far since I last played it (couple of years back). There are loads of new maps, and the graphics for each map are immense. The great thing about it though has to be that the gameplay side of the game has not been affected by all the changes. Its still seems as good as I remember if not better.

The game can be downloaded here or here and is available for Windows, MAC and Linux. However the MAC ad Linux clients are now longer being developed by the same people who develop the Windows version but it will be continued as a community project (feel free to correct me on this if I am wrong).
For those running Vista, punkbuster requires you to run the game “as an administrator” (untill they come up with a better solution). The easiest way to do this for those who don’t know is to right-click on the shortcut and goto properties, then click on compatability and check the “Run this program as an administrator” box, this will then run the game as an admin everytime. Hopefully they will come up with a solution soon.

BTW for those who havn’t noticed I decided to change the look and feel of this section to my site, feel free to drop me a comment about wether you prefer it or prefer the other theme.

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