Why oh Why

by on Nov.13, 2006, under Personal

Well for some reason today I am incredibly pi$$ed off, at what I hear you cry, well to bhe honest I don’t really know. Could it be a combination of things or could it be one thing in particular … I just do not know.

Some of the things are starting to get to me though can be sumed up in a few questions:

Why do I have to go shopping every single time something needs to be bought for the house.
Why do I not sleep at night?
Why do I not get up when my alarm goes off?
Why do I get the feeling I am going to fuck up my degree just like everythign else I have done in life up to now?
Why am I single? (I know … let the comments begin)
Why do people insist on trying to drag the society down?
Why is the society going to pieces?
What can I do to stop the above? (atm nothing)

Meh anyway those are just a few of the questions that I can thing of at the moment. If anyone feels like they have an answer to the above then feel free to post. (that is if there is anyone other than Phill who has found it yet lol)

Do I feel better now I have blogged this lot? The answer to that question is “NO I do not” :(

Oh well shit happens and maybe I should stop letting things get to me.

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