Yay the damned insomnia is back

by on Apr.22, 2006, under Personal

Well its 06:20am and I am still awake. Think I may have dossed off for an hour or so but now am wide awake. I just can’t seem to clear my head of random thoughts about this that and the other. It will sort itself out eventually, it always does, just means I will be a little tired for the next week or so.

Start back at uni on Monday and to be honest I can’t wait to get back. Over the easter holiday I have taken things a little bit too easily which means I will need to pull things back and get some work done for this final semester before the exams in June.

On the up side there seems to be quite a bit of interest in my custom dials which is always good. Hopefully someone will get a copy and offer me a decent job when I come out of Uni (sounds like a prison sentance lol). Hopefully then I can sort out everything else in my life. Well you never know where it will lead.

Oh well lets go and see about getting more sleep. Night Night all 😉

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