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by on Jan.07, 2007, under Personal

Oh well I thought it was about time I posted something on here. I seem to keep forgetting about this place lol.

Have recently found a foreign artist I can actually listen to without knowing the words lol. She is a french artist called Alizee, and before you start no it isn’t because of that arse 😉 The music she produces is actually pretty good. There are quite a few music videos on YouTube and google video if you want to check her out (think her last tour dvd is on there somewhere). Well that just shows my random taste in music lol.

Anyway regarding xmas, it was again another very quiet year and I hate to say it but my sister is really starting to wind me up. She is treating my dad’s house more like a doss house than an actual home, and as a result I fear that dad may be getting more and more worn out by the hassel every day :( The question what can I say that would make any difference? Nothing thats what, no matter what  say she will continue doing what ever she wants to. Meh she will learn eventually.

New year was pretty good, don’t remember the end of it but that was down to a shed load of beer with friends and family down at the local. Gotta love those late nights. IIRC it was past 3am when we left the pub and conituned the party back at ours lol.

Well I am now back in Loughborough with the intention of getting some work done. I will admit its not that easy to get in the mood to revise and I know i really should do but will start again on Monday. I did quite a bit over xmas so deserve a couple of days rest, well thats my theory anyway 😉 (and I don’t hear anyone disagreeing with me).

Oh well that will do for now and for once it aint a full post on just a rant lol.

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  • Raiz


    Do you have any video clips of Alizee? I have most of her French songs. You are right, even though I don’t understand French I like her songs very much. She is so cute and pretty. :)
    If you have any English version of her songs. could you please mail the location to so that I can download those.
    I would like to see the visuals of all her English songs, specially the song “Youpidou”


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  • GizzmoAsus

    No i am afraid I don’t have any versions of the english songs she has done. Tbh I didn’t even know she had done any but from a quick google search it would appear that the english version is on her Mes Courants Electriques album. This can be downloaded for less than $3 on
    Cheers for the comment, didn’t realise she was that big a hit lol.

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  • Peter

    Here’s some english!

    And yes, you like her because of that arse, just admit it! :)

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  • GizzmoAsus

    Cheers for the link and how can I disagree with you about that arse.

    Have to admit though that I prefer the french version for some reason, not sure why though.

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